Robert Flores tries to leap out of the way of a wild pitch on Tuesday.

ROCK SPRINGS – The Rawlins Colonels struggled during their road trip to Rock Springs, falling in both games.

Game 1

The Rock Springs Sand Puppies and the Rawlins Colonels both started slow to begin the doubleheader, keeping each other off the scoreboard in the first inning.

That would change in the bottom of the second as the Sand Puppies gained a one-run lead, but failed to drive any more before taking their three outs.

The Colonels would immediately strike back and take a commanding three-run lead in the top of the next frame after scoring four.

Though they had taken the lead, the Sand Puppies’ bats got hot and refused to cool down for the rest of the game, scoring four runs of their own.

While Rawlins couldn’t drive any more home during their half of the fourth, the Sand Puppies continued their run streak, driving another set of four runs.

Rawlins struck back in the top of the fifth, but only for one run, before the Sand Puppies shut down the Colonels’ offensive threat.

Rawlins was able to hold the Sand Puppies back a little during the bottom of the fifth, but still gave up two runs.

The Colonels proved unable to overcome the ever-increasing gap on the scoreboard, as they would not score another run in the game.

The Colonels’ batters would notch nine hits in the game, but would only bring five runs home.

Rawlins’ pitching staff gave up 13 runs on 13 hits, but managed to keep the Sand Puppies from too many free base runners, only issuing four walks. Four errors also gave their opponents extra opportunities to score. They did, however, notch two strikeouts.

Final Score: 5-13

Game 2

In the second game of the outing, the Colonels came out swinging, scoring five runs in the top of the first.

The Sand Puppies responded with a run of their own, but good pitching and timely defense kept the Colonels’ lead at four runs.

In the top of the second, Rawlins continued to terrorize the Sand Puppies’ pitchers, knocking in six more runs in the inning.

This time, however, the Sand Puppies’ bats would not be denied, scoring eight runs. Despite their offensive production, Rock Springs still trailed by three runs, thanks to the Colonels’ seemingly unstoppable bats.

Those bats would fall silent in the next inning, as the Sand Puppies pitching finally dialed in.

The bottom of the third inning would see the Sand Puppies blow the game wide open, rattling off 13 runs in the inning before Rawlins would finally staunch the bleeding.

Despite swinging the red hot stick for the first two innings, the Rawlins Colonels could not hold back the continued assault by the Sand Puppies. The Colonels scored all but one of their 12 hits, notching 11 runs on the day.

The pitching staff started the second game well, but melted under the scorching-hot bats of the Sand Puppies. By the end of the game, the Colonels gave 22 runs on 12 hits, eight walks, and six errors, without a single strikeout tallied before the game ended.

Final Score: 11-22

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