RAWLINS – Another Carbon County Demolition Derby is in the books.

On Saturday, the vast parking lot of the fairgrounds filled with colorful, beat-up cars and trucks that eventually resembled crushed soda cans after they were done battling it out in their heats.

Meanwhile, the grandstands were again loaded this year, with people watching the metal-crunching action, while they enjoyed all the eats and treats available during the 2019 Carbon County Fair.

Among the categories, local and traveling drivers garnered more than $14,000 in total payout.

Top payouts went to the top three Big Car Main winners.

At first, Jeremiah Johnson won $3,000; Dave Wolf, second, $2,350; Jeremiah Nicholson, third, $1,850.

Here is a full list of the results:

n Prettiest Car: Chris Fritz, $200

n Theme Car: Austin Nicholson, $200

n Mini Car Main 1: Jordan Martin, $1,500

n Mini Car Main 2: Justin Martin, $950

n Mini Car Main 3: Julie Trimble, $500

n Mad Dog: Jordan Martin, $500

n Heat 1: Dave Wolfe, $150

n Heat 1: Jeremiah Johnson, $150

n Heat 2: Matt Mitchell, $150

n Heat 2: Tyrel Smith, $150

n Heat 3: Taylor Lyon, $150

n Heat 3: Jeremiah Nicholson, $150

n Heat 4: Jason Pacheco, $150

n Heat 4: Austin Nicholson, $150

n Consolation 1: Damon Taylor, $150

n Consolation 1: Austin Curtis, $150

n Consolation 2: Marty Million, $150

n Consolation 2: Chris Zamora, $150

n Big Car Main place 1: Jeremiah Johnson, $3,000

n Big Car Main place 2: Dave Wolf, $2,350

n Big Car Main place 3: Jeremiah Nicholson, $1,850

n Big Car Mad Dog: Jeremiah Johnson, $2,000

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