HANNA – The Hanna-Elk Mountain-Medicine Bow football team hosted a semifinal football game Friday against the Lingle-Ft. Laramie Doggers.

The last time a semifinal game had been played in Hanna was back in 2010, in which the Miners would edge Ten Sleep by one point to go to the state championship.

The game this year wasn’t as close. The No. 2-ranked Miners would get by the Doggers in what looks like a basketball score, 92-58.

When trying to find football stats, there aren’t a whole of resources to turn to, so the stats that were available came from wyoming-football.com, and the hard work of Patrick Schmiedt compiling as many stats as he can. With that said, this game combined for a total of 150 points, which might be enough for fifth all-time in a game. It’s definitely enough for most combined in a post season game, with the current No. 1 spot going to a 2011 Ten Sleep/Midwest game that combined for 132 points. The Miners’ 92 points also might make it in the archives, if the season ended now it would be second all-time.

This game had highly efficient McGraw-powered Miner offense score on almost every possession. Senior Conor McGraw led all scorers with 44 points gained from five rushing touchdowns, two receiving, and two extra points. His twin brother Shane rushed for four touchdowns, but also threw three touchdown passes.

Sophomore Jase Smith would rush for a touchdown, and also run in an extra point. Junior Devon Grosstick added a receiving touchdown and extra point. Sophomore Dylan Romero booted two-point-after tries through, contributing 4 points. In six-man football extra points are reversed from eleven-man, kicks are worth two, running a play is worth one. Finally, senior Brendan Reeves had a receiving touchdown, as well as throwing a touchdown pass.

After the dust settled, the Miners mined the Dogger defense for 816 yards of total offense: 566 rushing, 250 passing, 250 receiving in this record setting day.

Miner head coach Zack Scott said, “I couldn’t be more proud of these boys.”

The Miner defense did allow 58 points, but that doesn’t mean those points came easily for the Doggers. The Miners were able to cause multiple fumbles with crushing hits, recovering three of them. Jase Smith would intercept a Cordell Forkner pass in the red zone. As a team the Miners would amass 66 tackles; 6 of those were for a loss of yards. Smith would lead the defense with 13 tackles, Grosstick and S. McGraw each had 11, Joseph Borah contributed 9 (3 of which could be heard anywhere in Hanna), Seniors C. McGraw and Alex Claice would have 8 and 6 tackles.

Credit has to be given to Lingle-Ft. Laramie players Cooper Hill and Cordell Forkner who led their team in a hard-fought battle. At no point in the game did the Doggers rollover and accept defeat.

The Miners are heading to Laramie where their historic 75.7 PPG offense will face the Little Snake River Valley’s historic defense, who hasn’t allowed a point this season.

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