Rawlins’ Dyanie Matos competes during the Rawlins Pre-Invite on Aug. 30 in Rawlins.

RAWLINS – Outlaws varsity swimming seems to crave bronze.

At least, on Thursday, the girls successfully nabbed four top three finishes in various events to conclude this year’s Rawlins Triple Dual, which hosted incoming foes Rock Springs and Cheyenne South.

To end the 200-yard medley relay, Rawlins’ Devon Martinez, Jordan Kelley, Lillian Laird and Martha Javalera teamed up to take third at 2:33.39. Rock Springs would take first in the event, at 2:05.80.

Rawlins’ 200-yard free relay team, meanwhile, collected bronze at 2:10.97. This relay squad was comprised of Alyssa Arnold, Bailey Steele, Javalera and Amarion Walker.

Rock Springs again would go on to win, gaining a time of 1:54.33 to conclude the 200-yard relay.

To piggy back their efforts, however, Rawlins’ 400-yard free relay – Walker, Martinez, Arnold and Laird – claimed another third-place finish via 4:54.68. This time, however, South would take the cake, gaining a 4:18.39.

For individual events, it was Martinez who took third in the 100-yard back event, collecting a 1:18.46. Meanwhile, Arnold was right behind Martinez, taking fourth at 1:20.87.

Skylar Messick of Rock Springs took first in the event at 1:11.42.

Full results

Triple Dual

200-yard medley

3rd: Martinez, Kelley, Laird, Javalera took third, 2:33.39

400-yard free relay

3rd: Walker, Martinez, Arnold, Laird, 4:54.68

200-yard free relay

3rd: Arnold, Steele, Javalera, Walker, 2:10.97

200-yard free

6th: Arnold, 2:36.68

9th: Katelyn Frakes, 3:08.6

200-yard IM

7th: Laird, 3:11.04

50-yard free

13th: Javalera, 35.59

15th: Dyanie Matos, 36.09

25th: Madison Turney, 55.78

1-meter dive

4th: Kelley, 132.45

100-yard fly

4th: Laird, 1:28.12

100-yard free

5th: Martinez, 1:09.67

10th: Cheyenne Russel, 1:17.37

13th: Javalera, 1:23.97

14th: Matos, 1:25.36

500-yard free

Walker, 6:49.44

100-yard back

3rd: Martinez, 1:18.46

4th: Arnold, 1:20.87

7th: Frakes, 1:38.69

9th: Turney, 2:16.32

100-yard breast

6th: Kelley, 1:45.51

7th: Steele, 1:47.96

Rawlins Pentathlon Aug. 31

50-yard fly JV

5th: Martinez, 38.32

100-yard fly VR

35th: Laird, 1:32.37

50-yard back JV

3rd: Martinez, 35.95

14th: Matos, 46.66

21st: Turney, 1:06.48

100-yard back VR

33rd: Arnold, 1:20.88

38th: Walker, 1:22.46

52nd: Steele, 1:28.51

54th: Laird, 1:29.64

69th: Frakes, 1:40.09

100-yard free JV

5th: Martinez, 1:12.12

14th: Javalera, 1:22.89

17th: Matos, 1:28.50

20th: Dalyn Shellenberger, 1:57.51

21st: Turney, 2:03.90

50-yard free VR

34th: Walker, 30.41

41st: Arnold, 30.90

61st: Laird, 35.30

63rd: Steele, 35.73

66th: Frakes, 35.91

50-yard breast JV

12th: Javalera, 56.41

16th: Shellenberger, 1:53.46

100-yard breast VR

40th: Arnold, 1:38.12

55th: Steele, 1:50.14

60th: Laird, 1:54.81

61st: Frakes, 1:54.82

50-yard free JV

4th: Martinez, 31.68

12th: Javalera, 36.29

22nd: Shellenberger, 50.62

100-yard free VR

31st: Walker, 1:08.25

46th: Arnold, 1:11.76

56th: Laird, 1:18.15

63rd: Frakes, 1:23.98

67th: Steele, 1:25.56

1-meter dive

3rd: Kelley, 257.70

Rawlins Pre-Invite Aug. 30

200-yard medley relay

7th: Martinez, Kelley, Laird, Frakes, 2:33.69

200-yard freestyle

19th: Frakes, 3:06.53

200-yard IM

11th: Laird, 3:15.42

12th: Steele, 3:33.05

50-yard freestyle

4th: Walker, 29.34

19th: Javalera, 35.35

23rd: Shellenberger, 46.21

1-meter dive

2nd: Kelley, 133.25

100-yard butterfly

5th: Laird, 1:32.53

6th: Steele, 2:00.91

100-yard freestyle

5th: Walker, 1:06.38

11th: Martinez, 1:09.41

22nd: Matos, 1:26.95

23rd: Turney, 2:09.27

200-yard freestyle relay

6th: Arnold, Laird, Kelley, Walker, 2:10.42

100-yard backstroke

9th: Martinez, 1:21.18

13th: Frakes, 1:36.90

16th: Javalera, 1:45.18

100-yard breaststroke

12th: Steele, 1:46.14

400-yard freestyle relay

5th: Walker, Martinez, Arnold, Frakes, 4:52.40

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