Rawlins Colonels, from left, Carlos Javalera, Chance Archuleta and Brian Paulsen celebrate a good pitching performance against Hayden, Colo. on Sunday in Rawlins.

RAWLINS – The Rawlins Colonels have accumulated a whopping 52 total runs in their past four bouts. That’s literally 13 times a game that a Colonel has crossed home plate.

It’s no wonder Post 122 has won three of their last four games.

Individually, coach Pete Serna has enjoyed seeing his Colonels sluggers go on recent rampages.

For instance, Saturday’s away doubleheader against Wheatland Lobos B, which was a split (12-3, Rawlins; 13-12, Wheatland), saw record numbers from Rawlins’ bats.

“We really picked it up in Wheatland,” Serna said. “The guys did really well.”

For game one, Rawlins slugger Robert Flores record 4 RBI on two hits to lead the team to the 12-3 victory. Meanwhile, the Colonels as a whole recorded 11 hits on 33 at bats.

This gave Wheatland a tough time keeping them in check.

Although the Lobos would score two runs on starting pitcher Zach Waring in the bottom of the second inning, Rawlins’ bullpen in the likes of Brian Paulsen and Jake McCoulloch kept Wheatland’s batters quiet the rest of the game.

Paulsen, pitching the next four innings, picked up six strikeouts while giving up just one unearned run. Up 12-3, McCoulloch got out of the ninth inning without a blemish.

Earlier in the game, after a one-run top two by Rawlins, it was at the top the third inning that Rawlins started to paint the scoreboard. With two runners on, Flores would knock a two-RBI single to right field, which helped Rawlins gain a 3-2 lead.

Nursing the lead, Rawlins decided to smash in four more runs at the top of the fifth. This time, Colonels slugger Bonito Lopez got into the mix, blasting one-RBI double to right field.

Later in the inning, Flores would again show what his guns can do as he blasted a two-RBI triple line drive to left field. By inning’s end, the Colonels would enjoy a 7-2 lead.

Rawlins added five insurance runs between the sixth and seventh innings.

At the plate, Post 122 only struck out 10 times.

Along with Flores, teammate Michael Lesco and Javalera combined for four RBI.

Game two

Rawlins nearly had game two against Wheatland Lobos B.

What turned out to be a back-and-forth battle for both offenses, had it not been for Wheatland’s lone eighth-inning run, Rawlins would’ve had the sweep.

Tied 12-12, Waring, who at the plate scored 5 RBI, would give up a critical walk-off single. After giving up two walks, a ground ball to Rawlins shortstop Blane Mathill turned into the end of the game.

“It was really close,” Serna said of the play. “They almost had it, but they let it slip away.”

Before that fatal inning, Rawlins’ bats continued the incendiary performances from game one.

Down 2-5, Rawlins came back at the top of the third inning with five runs, which gave them a 7-5 lead.

Mathill would start things off with an RBI single to right field, which scored Lopez. But it was Waring later that inning who claimed highlight-reel recognition.

The young Colonels stud sent a frozen rope, three-RBI triple to left field.

But Wheatland was able to come back. Their bats were so hot, in fact, Serna was forced to use five pitchers, not including Waring. This included Mathill, McCoulloch, Flores, Javalera and Lopez, who started the game.

Wheatland tacked on eight runs between the third and eighth innings. By the end of the game, in fact, they recorded 10 RBI on 11 hits and 30 at bats.

Rawlins, meanwhile, was held to 9 RBI on 15 hits and 36 at bats.

Mathill ended the game with 2 RBI on two hits, as well as two runs. Javalera and Lopez combined for two RBI.


If Saturday’s doubleheader was a display of fine hitting, Sunday’s home doubleheader can easily be considered a shooting gallery.

The Colonels would record their first sweep of the season, thrashing Hayden, Colo. 14-4 and 13-2.

“It was great for morale,” Serna said. “(The Colonels) just came and started hitting the ball. They’re really getting down their baseball IQ.”

The Colonels would simply go on a tear.

On offense for game one, Rawlins’ bats recorded a total of nine RBI and 19 hits on 35 at bats. Meanwhile, Rawlins’ defense gave up just five hits, while pitching recorded eight strikeouts.

The pitching star of the game was Chance Archuleta, who collected six strikeouts in three innings.

For game two offense, Rawlins recorded seven RBI and eight hits on 19 at bats. Defense gave up just eight hits, while Rawlins’ pitching nabbed nine strikeouts.

Pitchers P.J. Serna and Flores combined for the nine outs at the plate.

“The team’s really coming together now,” coach Serna said. “We’re peaking at the right time.”

Rawlins’ record was 6-15 as of press time.

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