Rawlins girls swimming competes two weeks ago at home.

GREEN RIVER – Outlaws swimming coach T.J. Johnson wasn’t kidding when he said his swimmers’ performances during last Saturday’s Green River Invite were “significantly better” compared to last year.

“You can’t even compare the times this year than they were to last,” he told the Rawlins Times on Wednesday.

The 400-meter freestyle relay, specifically, was 10 seconds faster “than we’ve done all season,” said Johnson.

Equipped with Amarion Walker, Devon Martinez, Alyssa Arnold and Lillian Laird, the four Outlaws eclipsed 10 spots in the pool of 15 relay teams, which landed them fifth placed overall with a respectable time of 4:37.95.

Not to be outdone, the Outlaws’ 200-yard freestyle relay teams finished the event with notable placings.

“The 200 was solid,” Johnson said.

Taking ninth, Arnold, Walker, Emily Porter and Martha Javalera took ninth at 2:04.29 out of 23 teams. Rawlins’ second 200-yard team – Katelyn Frakes, Elena Chavez, Jordan Kelley and Dyanie Matos – finished 17th with a 2:21.30.

For individual finishes, Walker, who’s only a sophomore, took a top-10 finish in the 50-yard freestyle. With 55 total swimmers in the event, Walker impressively notched an eight-place finish with 29.65.

She’d piggyback her credible performance in the 50-yard by nabbing another top-10 finish. This time, Walker would end seventh at 1:05.16 in the 100-yard freestyle event, which was another crowded pool of 52 swimmers.

Not far behind in the same race, freshman Outlaws standout Devon Martinez ended 11th at a 1:08.40, even though, Johnson noted, she was hampered with a strain injury.

“Devon Martinez gets better every weekend,” Johnson noted.

Finally, two additional standout individual performances at Green River came by way of Lillian Laird, Kelley and Arnold.

Laird would notch a decent seventh-place finish in the 100-yard butterfly, ended with 1:24.08. Meanwhile Kelley was able to take sixth place in the one-meter dive at a final score of 265.05.

Finally, Arnold managed to notch a 14th-place finish in the 200-yard freestyle at a final time of 2:28.39.

“Alyssa (Arnold) had an awesome meet,” said Johnson. “She raced hard.”

As a team, Rawlins ended in seventh place with 63 points. Out of the eight ranking teams, Green River took first with 411 points.

Lyman Invite

LYMAN – This time it was Laird who was like, as they say, a fish in water.

To conclude the Lyman meet on Sept. 20, Laird recorded two first-place finishes. She the 200-yard IM, the sophomore Outlaw managed to beat out two other competitors with a 3:08.32.

Also taking gold the 100-yard Fly, Laird notched a 1:25.83 to surpass second-place finisher Mazie VanGieson of Lyman.

“(Laird) never won a high school event in her life,” Johnson said. “And she swam a terrific leg on her 200-yard medley relay.”

Another Outlaws gold came by way of Kellley, who notched a 146.55 final score.

Other notable finishes during the Lyman meet, Walker, Martinez and Arnold combined to nab four individual second-places, while Elena Chavez took third in the 50-yar freestyle with a 35.19.

For relays, the 200-yard freestyle relay – Arnold, Walker, Porter and Javalera – took second at 2:09.23, while the 400-yard freestyle relay – Walker, Arnold, Martinez, Laid – notched silver at 4:44.08.

Finally, the 200-yard medley relay – Martinez, Kelley, Laird and Javalera – also took second at 2:32.59.

Full results

Green River

200-yard freestyle

14th: Arnold, 2:28.39

20th: Porter, 2:41.47

24th: Frakes, 2:54.90

27th: Matos, 3:05.29

200-yard IM

19th: Laird, 3:06.44

50-yard freestyle

8th: Walker, 29.65

28th: Javalera, 34.49

29th: Chavez, 34.75

51st: Dalynn Shellenberger, 45.46

54th: Madison Turney, 52.83

1-meter dive

6th: Kelley, 265.05

100-yard butterfly

7th: Laird, 1:24.08

100-yard freestyle

7th: Walker, 1:05.16

11th: Martinez, 1:08.40

26th: Javalera, 1:18.90

28th: Matos, 1:20.69

47th: Shellenberger, 1:43.93

500-yard freestyle

15th: Porter, 7:17.37

200-yard freestyle relay

9th: Arnold, Walker, Porter, Javalera, 2:04.29

17th: Frakes, Chavez, Kelley, Matos, 2:21.30

100-yard backstroke

8th: Martinez, 1:14.60

15th: Arnold, 1:19.16

21st: Frakes, 1.32.56

31st: Chavez, 1:54.42

34th: Turney, 2:04.87

100-yard backstroke

28th: Kelley, 1:41.93

400-yard freestyle

5th: Walker, Martinez, Arnold, Laird, 4:37.95

Lyman invite

200-yard medley relay

2nd: Martinez, Kelley, Laird, Javalera, 2:32.59

200-yard freestyle

3rd: Arnold, 2:29.24

4th: Porter, 2:45.07

5th: Matos, 3:16.09

200-yard IM

1st: Laird, 3:08.32

50-yard freestyle

2nd: Walker, 29.84

3rd: Chavez, 35.19

4th: Javalera, 36.07

7th: Shellenberger, 45.98

8th: Turney, 55.66

1-meter dive

1st: Kelley, 146.55

100-yard fly

1st: Laird, 1:25.83

100-yard freestyle

2nd: Walker, 1:06.89

4th: Martinez, 1:10.59

6th: Matos, 1:22.41

7th: Javalera, 1:23.54

8th: Shellenberger, 1:43.54

500-yard freestyle

2nd: Porter, 7:31.06

200-yard freestyle relay

2nd: Arnold, Walker, Porter, Javalera, 2:09.23

4th: Matos, Chavez, Frakes, Kelley, 2:23.37

100-yard backstroke

2nd: Martinez, 1:14.73

4th: Arnold, 1:19.81

9th: Frakes, 1:35.29

10th: Chavez, 1:40.87

11th: Turney, 2:07.92

100-yard breaststroke

5th: Kelley, 1:46.79

400-yard freestyle relay

2nd: Walker, Arnold, Martinez, Laird, 4:48.08

4th: Porter, Frakes, Matos, Chavez, 5:30

Team scores

1st: Lyman, 150

2nd: Rawlins, 100

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