DOUGLAS – Ralwins girls swimming has had their work cut out for them ever since the beginning of the season. They had a lot of time to cut for their events.

Now, as we come toward the end of the season, Rawlins’ hard work has paid off.

At the Douglas Invite on Oct. 5, for instance, it really showed, as the Outlaws nabbed a third-place overall team finish. They beat out teams like Douglas and Newcastle, while Buffalo took first and Natrona County took second.

In the process, Rawlins garnered six top five and two top three finishes.

Diver Kelley Jordan took second place overall in the 1-meter dive, in a pool of seven competitors. Meanwhile, Rawlins’ 400-meter freestyle relay in Alyssa Arnold, Devon Martinez, Emily Porter and Lillian Laird finished in an impressive third-place finish.

Full results:

200-meter medley relay

5th: Martinez, Kelley, Laird, Arnold, 2:42.36

200-meter freestyle

5th: Porter, 2:56.71

7th: Martinez, 3:03.78

11th: Steele, 3:15.40

12th: Cheyenne Russell, 3:15.61

13th: Katelyn Frakes, 3:19.36

50-meter freestyle

5th: Arnold, 33.32

11th: Elena Chavez, 37.26

14th: Dyanie Matos, 39.12

21st: Dalynn Shellenberger, 50.55

1-meter dive

2nd: Kelley, 161.10

100-meter butterfly

6th: Laird, 1:38.22

100-meter freestyle

6th: Porter, 1:15.25

10th: Russell, 1:24.25

14th: Matos, 1:28.28

22nd: Shellenberger, 1:49.50

400-meter freestyle

4th: Arnold, 6:00.18

200-meter freestyle relay

4th: Porter, Steele, Russell, Chavez, 2:27.06

7th: Matos, Frakes, Shellenberger, Kelley, 2:53.13

100-meter backstroke

5th: Laird, 1:32.98

8th: Frakes, 1:44.80

10th: Madison Turney, 2:29.13

100-meter breaststroke

6th: Kelley, 1:55.09

8th: Steele, 1:56.71

400-meter freestyle relay

3rd: Arnold, Martinez, Porter, Laird, 5:14.94

5th: Russell, Matos, Chavez, Steele, 5:48.17

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