LSRV player Riggen Myers looks on during Saturday’s game against the Hulett Red Devils.

BAGGS – The No. 1-ranked Little Snake River Valley Rattlers hosted the Hulett Red Devils in 1A six-man semifinals football Saturday. The Rattlers put their state history making defense up against a Hulett offense that averaged over 50 points per game (when averaging games played, they had two forfeit wins against Ten Sleep and Midwest). The Red Devils would fall way short, 61-0.

Through ten games played, that makes a grand total of zero, none, zip, nada points allowed against the Rattlers this season. That’s barely unheard of in 11-man football, but definitely unheard of in fast-paced 6-man. According to wyoming-football.com, it has never been done through ten games.

The Rattlers came out swinging and jumped on the Red Devils early, and by the end of the first quarter LSRV had a 27-0 lead. The Hulett offense would try to establish a drive, but each would result in a punt or turnover on downs. The line of scrimmage was dominated by sophomore Zander Risner and seniors Oscar Herrera, Senior Wyatt Duncan and Karter Evans. So, the Red Devils tried to get the pass game going, only to continue to lose the trench battles. Under constant pressure, the Red Devils quarterback would look down field only to find no one open. Seniors Tony Enriquez and Riggin Meyers had the receivers swallowed up in coverage. Enriquez would have one interception against Hulett’s air raid. Hulett mustered up a drive that would stall and result in a long field goal try (worth 4 points in 6-man) that came close to ending the scoring streak, but didn’t make it.

Rattler Riggin Myers had this to say about the defense, “We haven’t changed our defense all year, we have six guys out there and we trust each other and Coach Sam’s [Weeldryer] game plan.” Asked if he was nervous for the game, he said, “Only normal game day butterflies.” All season long LSVR has consistently focused on each team they play that week, and not on getting a shut out.

The Rattlers’ offense doesn’t get as much attention, but it’s not without. The 52.5-points-per-game Rattler offense is extremely efficient. Myers leads 1A 6-man, rushing for over 1,600 yards; senior Taylor Otte is also a threat having thrown for more than 500 yards to seven different receivers. Myers would rush for more than 250 yards and score 36 points off five rushing touchdowns and one punt return. Otte would connect with Duncan for two receiving touchdowns. Myers threw to Herrera for a touchdown. Herrera snatched two extra-point receptions, while Evans would tack on 4 points with his two point after kicks.

In the end, LSRV was too much for Hulett and the Red Devils had to make the 388-mile trip home empty handed, while the Rattlers will prepare to put their historic defense up against county foe Hanna-Elk Mountain-Medicine bow, and their history making 75.7- points-per-game offense.

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