RIVERTON – Rawlins relay teams have been making quite the splash in recent memory.

Last Thursday’s triple dual at home saw the 200-yard medley team – equipped with Devon Martinez, Jordan Kelley, Lillian Laird and Martha Javalera – notch a third-place finish, gaining a respectable time of 2:33.39.

Now, to conclude last Saturday’s Riverton Invitational, the same Outlaws medley team, with the exception of Javalera being replaced by Alyssa Arnold, nabbed another bronze finish. And this time, they slashed nearly five seconds off their final time, as they garnered a 2:28.53.

Out of 10 total teams in the 200-medley event, Lyman took first, with a 2:04.27.

For Rawlins coach TJ Johnson, however, having Outlaws speedster Amarion Walker out in recent memory, it has put a slight damper on where the relays should be at.

Without having Amarion Walker, we were not very competitive, especially in the relays,” said Johnson. The medley really was about stacking it compared to what I have been having to do, on a meet by meet basis.”

But, according to Johnson, that all changed yesterday.

With Amarion back this weekend, we can be at least good in two relays,” Johnson said. So, I have to pick my fights every meet with which two relays can we be really good at; that was the weekend I stacked that relay.”

Full results:

200-yard medley relay

3rd: Martinez, Kelley, Laird, Arnold – 2:28.53

8th: Katelyn Frakes, Baily Steele, Dyanie Matos, Javalera

200-yard freestyle

14th: Frakes – 2:55.91

15th: Cheyenne Russell – 2:58.76

200-yard IM

9th: Laird – 3:16.31

10th: Steele – 3:26.78

50-yard freestyle

17th: Javalera – 35.48

19th: Matos – 36.28

29th: Madison Turney – 53.80

1-meter dive

6th: Jordan Kelley – 111.30

100-yard butterfly

6th: Lillian Laird – 1:31.55

100-yard freestyle

16th: Russell – 1:20.16

23rd: Javalera – 1:23.38

27th: Matos – 1:26.36

200-yard freestyle relay

6th: Arnold, Martinez, Russell, Steele – 2:12.73

7th: Frakes, Matos, Javalera, Kelley – 2:28.60

100-yard backstroke

7th: Martinez – 1:19.22

17th: Frakes – 1:38.05

100-yard breaststroke

15th: Kelley – 1:44.04

16th: Steele – 1:47.75

400-yard freestyle relay

4th: Arnold, Russell, Laird, Martinez – 4:57.47

Team rankings

1st: Powell

2nd: Lyman

3rd: Riverton

4th: Rawlins

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