LARAMIE – The meaning is in the title: Last Chance.

For Rawlins, it was their last chance to qualify their female swimmers for a couple more state events. And they did just that.

Following Friday’s Last Chance meet in Laramie, Outlaws swimmers Emily Porter and Devon Martinez churned state qualifiers in the same event. Porter’s and Martinez’s seventh-place tying times of 1:03.15 were nabbed in the 100-yard freestyle swim. To put things in perspective, that event had about 20 swimmers competing.

For Porter, she’s now qualified for three individual races for this week’s 3A state championship meet in Campbell County. This includes a slot in the 100-, 200- and 500-yard freestyle events.

Meanwhile, Martinez gets set to compete in the 100-yard freestyle and 100-yard backstroke events.

As for the rest of the Outlaws, Alyssa Arnold has reserved 3A state lanes for the 200- and 500-yard freestyle events, while Jordan Kelley will make a splash in the 1-meter dive event.

For coach T.J. Johnson, however, his team’s game plan heading into the season-ending meet revolves around something other than individual events: the relays, which have been Rawlins’ aquatic forte all season.

“I asked the girls what they wanted to do – if they wanted to load the relays and sacrifice an individual event – and they said they did,” Johnson said Monday. “And it probably has the best potential to score the most amount of points we can.”

Johnson said the Outlaws are currently ranked 8th in the 3A 400-yard freestyle relay, and that fellow swimmers Lillian Laird, Bailey Steele and Martha Javalera will also show to state for relay support.

As for which Outlaws will sacrifice one individual event for the sake of added relay power, Martinez, Porter and Arnold will be the ones taking it for the team.

“That’s the plan right now,” Johnson said, “And we’re looking forward to state Thursday and Friday.”

The Outlaws are scheduled for the 3A state championship at the Aquatic Center and the Campbell County School District in Gillette. The event runs Thursday through Saturday.

Laramie meet results

200-yard IM

4th: Katelyn Frakes, 3:12.55

50-yard freestyle

5th: Porter, 28.20

6th: Arnold, 29.46

9th: Elena Chavez, 29.90

14th: Stelle, 31.48

16th: Javalera, 31.91

17th: Cheyenne Russell, 32.05

20th: Dyanie Matos, 34.15

24th: Dalyn Shellenberger, 38.93

1-meter dive

5th: Kelley, 139.35

100-yard butterfly

4th: Laird, 1:18.02

100-yard freestyle

7th: Martinez, Porter, 1:03.15

17th: Chavez, 1:10.14

20th: Frakes, 1:12.13

21st: Russell, 1:12.94

22nd: Javalera, 1:13.50

25th: Matos, 1:16.47

29th: Shellenberger, 1:30.36

100-yard backstroke

9th: Laird, 1:16.96

10th: Steele, 1:17.43

11th: Kelley, 1:27.82

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