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Bringing film to Wyoming

Bringing film to Wyoming

By Emma Diercks ediercks@rawlinstimes.com SARATOGA – “It’s so Wyoming.” That’s what an audience member said about the short films “Absaroka” and “Absaroka: Sins” produced and directed by Patrick Mignano, which were screened Thursday evening at the Platte Valley Community Center in Saratoga. About 20 people watched the short film that won the 2010 Wyoming Film Festival […]

Wyoming receives surplus medical stations

By Emma Diercks ediercks@rawlinstimes.com RAWLINS – In early March Wyoming became the first state to receive a surplus federal medical station from the federal government. Last year, the federal government ordered 50 250-bed federal medical stations and had 18 considered surpluses. They made the medical stations available for states wanting them. “Having these stations on hand will […]

Managing feral cat population

By Emma Diercks ediercks@rawlinstimes.com RAWLINS – Spring is the time most animals produce their young. A single un-spayed cat can produce up to 40 kittens in one year. If this cat is feral, it could mean serious problems for the community. If a stray cat is hanging around a residence, individuals should call Animal Control […]

Living with epilepsy

Living with epilepsy

By Emma Diercks ediercks@rawlinstimes.com RAWLINS – Waking up and knowing today’s events are going to be unpredictable can be a terrifying thought. Jennifer Palmer wakes up to this reality everyday. She doesn’t know how many seizures her six-year-old daughter, Emily, is going to have or whether she should expect a call to the school for […]

How healthy is Carbon County?

By Emma Diercks ediercks@rawlinstimes.com RAWLINS – Carbon County is the 14th healthiest county of the 23 counties in Wyoming but was ranked 22nd for health factors, according to new rankings prepared by the Robert Wood Foundation. Health factors are used to rank a county’s personal well-being, clinical care, social and economic factors and physical environment. The Robert […]

RHS Musical: Guys and Dolls

RHS Musical: Guys and Dolls

Sinclair tutoring program kicks off

by Han Cheung hcheung@rawlinstimes.com RAWLINS – Every Wednesday, Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company staff members – including Steven and Ryta Sondergard – plan to moonlight as ACT tutors for Rawlins High School students. RHS interim principal Travis Moore and interim vice principal Linda Butler said they also plan to help. Sessions run from 5 p.m.–7:30 p.m. […]

Staffing puts stress on CCSD1 art programs

By Han Cheung hcheung@rawlinstimes.com RAWLINS – While longtime Rawlins Middle School art teacher Marge McCrea is looking forward to retiring at the end of the school year, she is also concerned because Carbon County School District 1 is considering not renewing her position. The proposed plan, to be voted upon by CCSD1’s board of trustees […]

What you can do to fight allergies now

By Emma Diercks ediercks@rawlinstimes.com RAWLINS – According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Wyoming doesn’t rank on the list of worst places for spring allergies this year. While that might be a comforting thought, it doesn’t mean there won’t be an allergy season. Pollen is present in the air between February and October, […]

Truck rear-ends semi

By Emma Diercks ediercks@rawlinstimes.com Wyoming Highway Patrol responded to a traffic accident Monday evening at the 13-mile post of U.S. Highway 287. Matthew Oliver, of Bar Nunn, was driving a pickup and rear-ended a semi tractor-trailer heading south. Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Dave Wagner said Oliver sustained injuries and was airlifted to Cheyenne, then later […]

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